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Auto Crane T150/R160 Proportional Radio Kit

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Proportional Radio Kit Includes:
(1) Omnex Proportional T150 Transmitter (1056)
(1) Omnex Proportional R160 Receiver (000745)

The T150 / R160 is a portable, long range, programmable radio remote control system. Designed as a compact and easy-to-use product, this member of the ORIGA family puts complete control of your crane where it’s needed most, with the operator. It’s robust, easy to install and has complete self-diagnostics. This system can be a simple cable replacement or add intelligence to make it a total crane control package. It’s a radio, a PLC and a valve driver all in one.

The T150 / R160 system uses Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology. FHSS devices concentrate their full power into a very narrow signal that randomly hops from frequency to frequency within a designated band. This transmission pattern, along with CRC-16 error-checking techniques, enables signals to overcome interference that commonly affects licensed radios.

• FCC, ISC, CE approved
• License free
• 1200 foot range @ 900 MHz (900 ft. @ 2.4 GHz
• Hand held / weatherproof / ergonomic
• Simple “wire-and-use” installation
• Resilient to impact and shock